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Hey guys :) 

Most who are members on the site are aware of this to some extent, but I've been struggling with quite a few things recently, which caused me to get behind on customs. Now that everything is settled and I'm caught up on the orders I had in, I'm going to be taking a month long break in June from customs while I re-situate my work schedules and profiles on various sites to reflect new plans. This won't affect membership here, as I'll still be doing non-customs throughout the month and posting them. Many who are members here are some of my most frequent custom customers, which is why I wanted to post here first to let you guys know. I will be getting back to doing customs next month, but there will be some changes like a slight raise in pricing to make them more viable for me. 

As members of the site, remember that you can submit ideas for videos, and I might do them as non-customs! I definitely want to here from ya'll and keep you guys happy, and getting feedback so I know what is wanted is a big part of that. Also, once everything is reformatted and I've got a schedule going to where I will be recording again, there will be a discount for site members on custom video pricing. Another thing to look forward to - Something I'm looking to phase in here on this site is monthly member-only shows that you get to be there for just for being a member of my site :) I'll be recording them and posting them here so those not around for them can watch, but something I'm also looking for feedback for is what time/day of the week would be best for everyone to have those. Keep in mind that I go to bed pretty early now, around 9pm, so any member shows would have to be before 7ish.


Thanks as always for the continued support, you all are awesome and I super super appreciate it, especially with everything I've been handling lately. During this break from customs the site here should be more active, and there will likely be more picture sets since that's one of the things I'm going to be focusing on :D